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Case Studies

We enjoy helping our clients solve the financial puzzle and providing the answers they need to feel more confident. Below are three sample cases of actual clients we have worked with and the strategies provided. *


Tom and Elle are in their early 40's and need help fine tuning an investment plan, saving for college for their two children, navigating student loans, and ensuring they are saving enough for retirement. 

Tom earns about $500,000 year as a physician and enjoys the career, but they are also very busy.  Finding someone to help them get organized and create a plan is a top priority. 


  • Increased their investment contributions with a goal of maxing out their 401k's every year.

  • Optimized their current 401K contributions between Pre-Tax and Roth to make sure they are taking advantage of tax benefits and company matching.

  • Adjusted 401K investment options from the default settings to a more growth-oriented approach.

  • Opened 529 college savings plans for their two children with a goal of contributing monthly.

  • Reviewed their tax returns to find additional planning opportunities and lower their tax burden.

  • Obtained term life insurance coverage for them both.


Adam & Terri are in their mid-50's, have various 401k and IRA accounts, a few rental properties, and are closing in on retirement. 

Their biggest concerns are if they have enough saved to retire, when to take Social Security, how much they will need from their investments to maintain their lifestyle, managing overall risk in their investments, when/if to sell their properties, and having a proper estate plan set up to protect against uncovered medical expenses. 


  • Ran a Social Security analysis to determine the appropriate time to begin benefits.

  • Adjusted their savings and investment contributions to ensure they will be able stop working at their target age.

  • Analyzed all income sources (SS, pension, rental income) to see how their income will stand up with inflation, as well as future tax implications.

  • Changed the allocation of their various investment accounts to complement each other and reflect a more conservative approach heading into retirement.

  • Facilitated joint meetings with their CPA on tax efficiency, and referred them to an estate planning attorney to set up a trust for assets they wish to protect.

  • Reviewed the possibility of long-term care insurance coverage for additional expenses generally not covered by Medicare.

Business Owners

Warren and Grace are in their early 50's and have operated a healthcare business for the last eight years. They have seen exponential growth but now feel a bit overwhelmed with the financial side.

 Their biggest concerns are risk management, saving enough for retirement, tax efficiency, and possible business sale down the road. 


  • Set up a Solo 401k to maximize retirement contributions and lower taxable income.

  • Ran an analysis to see what opportunities were available to further reduce their tax burden.

  • Looked at multiple sale scenarios with focus on minimizing capital gains tax.

  • Constructed part of their investment portfolio to focus on providing monthly income should they opt for early retirement.

  • Helped them obtain disability insurance coverage to protect their income in case of an emergency.

See How it Works

* These are situations based on real life examples. Names have been changed to protect privacy. The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations to any individual. To determine which investments or strategies may be appropriate for you, consult us or your financial advisor prior to investing.